The World and comic book community lost one of it’s greatest voices, Darwyn Cooke, this weekend.  I enjoyed his work a great deal.  I was particularly fond of The New Frontier, his run on The Spirit, and his Parker adaptations. I heard Darwyn speak at a comic convention and briefly shook his hand.  I may have even handed him a copy of my Growing Up Comic graphic novel…but I honestly don’t remember. I never truly met the man.  I have friends and acquaintances for the comic community that did know Darwyn.  My heart and condolences go out to them,as well, as Darwyn’s family in their difficult time.  I knew Darwyn through his art. This is my celebration of that work. Rest in peace, Darwyn… #fuckcancer.

If you’ve never read Darwyn Cooke’s work I highly recommend you do yourself a favor and pick up a book or three at your local comic store, from an online store or digitally on Comixcology

Darwyn’s family has suggested to friends and fans that would like to contribute that donations can be made to the Canadian Cancer Society and Hero Initiative.  I’m a huge fan of the Hero Initiative myself.