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Issue #1 with Commemorative Print


Issue #1 with Commemorative Print


Buy Issue #1 and get a Commemorative Print

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Issue #1 of the Growing Up Comic webcomic series collection and a commemorative print of the Issue #1 cover with extended artwork.

Issue #1 of this new series collects the first 25 comic strips of my previously released webcomics Growing Up Comic originally published here on

Growing Up Comic is a fun and lighthearted humor strip about twin boys that love all things comic book.  Inspired by my own childhood with my twin brother, Jon, the characters and stories are loosley based on us and our adventures playing together inspired by growing up with comics.

Growing Up Comic is an comic suitable for All Ages. These comic strips appeal to new young readers, as well as adults; especially those that grew up comic themselves and can relate to the nostalgic references and memories of their own childhood.  My comic aims to inspire and champion imagination, creativity, reading, and play time.  This comic will make you believe that “Imagination will take you everywhere”.

I truly hope you’ll enjoy this comic as much as I enjoy making it –Matt

Preview pages.  Read all the webcomics free on the Home Page


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